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Lot 1 - Office Chairs Unit

Packed full iwth Office chairs,  plastic chairs, beds, bags, an office cupboard and lots more!!

Online only. 

SIZE: 2 x 3 m

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Lot 1 - Office Chairs Unit.. 3000 - 6000 R6200

Lot 10 - Spray Painter Unit

Includes couches, chairs, aircon ducting, spray painting Machine. Large fully packed unit, could be plenty more value hidden inside. Bid now, don\'t miss out !!

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Lot 10 - Spray Painter Unit.. 6000 - 12000 R7250

Lot 11 - Tools Unit

Includes Tools, roll bar, side steps, seats

Online only. 

SIZE: 3 x 3 m

Location: Kya Sands JHB

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Lot 11 - Tools Unit.. 1500 - 3000 R2650

Lot 12 - Tool Box Unit

Large Tool Box, Work Bench, cooler boxes, filing cabinet, chair, locker and a steel chest. Lots of goodies in here. Bid now to win this unit !!

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Lot 12 - Tool Box Unit.. 2000 - 4000 R6100

Lot 13 - Lounge Suite Unit

This unit contains a lounge suite, armchair, bed, lamp, suitcases, plastic containers and a headboard plus plenty more. Fully packed, lots of value in this unit.

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Lot 13 - Lounge Suite Unit.. 5000 - 10000 R11000

Lot 02 - Bedroom Cupboard Unit

Contains a bedroom cupboard, bed, kettle, bags, box, laundry bin, buckets and more.

Online only. 

SIZE: 2 x 3 m

Location: Ky ....Read More

Lot 02 - Bedroom Cupboard Unit.. 1500 - 3000 R2950

Lot 3 - Trailer Unit

Fantastic unit, contains a trailer, compressor, tiles, power tools a workbench and cupboards.

Online only. 

SIZE: 6 x 3 m

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Lot 3 - Trailer Unit.. 10000 - 20000 R23250

Lot 04 - Fridge Unit

Includes a bed base set, fridge, washing basket, boxes, suitcase and a dustbin.

Online only. 

SIZE: 2 x 3 m

Location: Kya Sands JHB

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Lot 04 - Fridge Unit.. 2000- 4000 R2900

Lot 5 - Exercise Bike Unit

Includes a chair, exercise bike, printers, plastic table and a carpet.

Online only. 

SIZE: 3 x 3 m

Location: Kya Sands JHB

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Lot 5 - Exercise Bike Unit.. 1000 - 2000 R1050

Lot 6 - Microwave Unit

Contains a fridge, cupboard, bed base set, microwave and lots of bags and boxes.

Online only. 

SIZE: 4 x 3 m

Location: Kya Sands JHB ....Read More

Lot 6 - Microwave Unit.. 3000 - 6000 R4850

Lot 7 - Household Unit

Included couches, sound system, boxes, foot spa, table, sideboards and bags. Nice big unit, fully packed. get your bids in now!!

SIZE: 4 x 4 m

Location: Kya ....Read More

Lot 7 - Household Unit.. 3000 - 6000 R8100

Lot 8 - Washing Machine Unit

Contains a fridge, washing machine, pots, 3 x beds, microwave, kitchen utensils and much more. Good value here, packed full, bid now to make it yours!!

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Lot 8 - Washing Machine Unit.. 4000 - 8000 R6750

Lot 9 - Bicycle Unit

Includes a bcycle, suitcases, boxes, paltic totes, cupboard, exercise equipment, kids drum set and more! This one look like a winner!!

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Lot 9 - Bicycle Unit.. 3000 - 6000 R6600
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